Codex at 50 - Fully committed to protecting the health of consumers and ensuring fair practices in the food trade.

The first session of the Codex Alimentarius Commission was held in Rome from 25 June to 3 July 1963. This means that at its 36th Session in 2013 the Commission will celebrate its 50th birthday.

It was a long way from 120 delegates from 30 countries and 16 International Organisations at the first session to the 625 delegates from 145 Member countries, 1 Member Organisation and 34 International Governmental and Non-governmental Organisations at the 35th session.

A lot of successful work has been achieved to protect consumers health and ensure fair practices in the food trade. Hundreds of standards, guidelines and codes, thousands of maximum limits and maybe more important than numbers: we found a way of working together – based on science and built on trust.

Celebration activities have already started and on this page you find information on what different Committees have done to mark the event. If you have any further contribution please send it to us.

Contribution from CCNFSDU

Message on Codex 50th anniversary at CCNFSDU35.

Contribution from Poland

Summary and photos of the International Conference on Food Safety Risk Analysis – Fifty years with Codex Alimentarius in the European Region. Available in PDF.

Polish Personalities of Codex Alimentarius
Available in PDF and Power Point Slide Show.

Codex European Region in the focus
Available in PDF and Power Point Slide Show.

Some photos of past meetings.

Contribution from Japan

Report of the International Symposium in conjunction with the 50th Anniversary of the Codex Alimentarius Commission, "The Role of International Food Standards in Japan - Food Safety in a Global World".
Available in PDF.


Contribution from INDIA

FOODWORLD INDIA - the global convention for food business and industry was held during 23-24 September, 2013 in Mumbai (India). Concurrent to the convention The Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI) and Ministry of Food Processing Industries, Government of India organised an exclusive day long workshop around CODEX. It was an apt forum to commemorate the journey of fifty years of CODEX and also to look at the horizon for the way forward.
The event started off with a formal cake cutting ceremony which was followed by a discussion on how Codex needed to position itself against what the world was going to look like.
Fifty years of Codex was an interesting celebratory point. But how are the next 50 years going to look like? What would be the challenges confronting the world in terms of food in coming 50 years?
Looking at the 50 years ahead, while celebrating successes and trying to build upon them, the Commission had to look at some of its challenges. Its membership would increase; so will the number of food safety and nutrition issues; the interests of consumers, stakeholders and industries would also increase and they would like to see how this organisation could meet the challenges of tomorrow.

See in the picture are (from the left):
Dr. Martijn Weijtens, Chair, Codex Committee on Contaminants in Foods (CCCF)
Dr. Samuel Godefroy , Vice Chair, CODEX Alimentarius Commission
Hon. Louise Asher, MP Minister for Innovation, Services and Small Business, State Government of Victoria, Australia
Mr. S. Dave, Chairman, CODEX Alimentarius Commission
Dr. Mary Frances Lowe, US Codex Manager, USDA
Mr. K Chandramouli, Chairperson, Food Safety and Standards Authority of India
Dr. Greg Read, Chair, Codex Committee on Food Import & Export Inspection & Certification Systems (CCFICS)

Contribution from CCRVDF

Contribution from CCASIA

Achievements and Works currently undertaken by the CCASIA in PDF.

Contribution from Grenada

The Grenada Bureau of Standards Commemorates Codex Alimentarius Commission 50th Anniversary. Available in PDF.

Contribution from Turkey

Country presentation available in PDF and Power Point Slide Show.

National Food Codex Commission presentation. Available in PDF.

Contribution from Sudan

Food Safety Situation in Sudan
Available in PDF.

Summary of the Sudanese Participants who attended the Codex meetings from 1963 to 2013
Available in PDF.

Contribution from the Republique Centrafricaine

Rapport de l'atelier de demarrage du projet : appui en renforcement des capacites du Comite National et du point de contact national du Codex Alimentarius de la RCA « TCP/SFC/3402 ». Available in PDF.

Contribution from Ghana

Ghana's experience with Codex Alimentarius Commission
Available in PDF and Power Point Slide Show.

Photos during the 19th session of CCAFRICA
Available in PDF.

Contribution from Bénin

Session ordinaire du Comité National du Codex, les 23 et 24 octobre 2012. L'organisation de cette session a été appuyée techniquement et financièrement par le Bureau OMS-Bénin. Les représentants des bureaux-Bénin OMS et FAO ont facilité cette session. Les représentants de différents ministères impliqués dans la sécurité sanitaire des aliments et des opérateurs économiques constituent la majorité des participants. Au cours de cet atelier, les membres du Comité National du Codex ont suivi les restitutions des différentes participations du Bénin aux sessions des comités du Codex (CCFH43, CCGP27, CCPR44, CCCF6, CAC35) et ont été sensibilisés sur la participation aux groupes de travail électronique du Codex.
    Participation du Bénin à la 35ème session de la Commission du Codex Alimentarius

Contribution from Ireland

Minister Smith opens seminar on the Codex Alimentarius in Dublin Castle
Available in PDF here.

In the photos here below Mr Kazuaki Miyagishima former Codex Secretary; Ms Gretchen Stanton, Secretary SPS Committee, WTO; Prof Alan Reilly, now CEO of the Food Safety Authority of Ireland; and Mr Brendan Smith, T.D. then Irish Minister for Agriculture and Food.

Contribution from Mali

Activites Codex au Mali (2005-2013)
Available in PDF here.

Contribution from México

Tríptico para celebrar el 50 aniversario del Codex Alimentarius
Available in PDF and Power Point Slide Show.

Contribution from Slovak Republic

Contribution from U.S.A.

Photos of Former Codex Commission Chair Eddie Kimbrell in past CAC sessions.

Booklets on the CAC Chairs' reflections on Codex (available in English, French, Spanish, Arabic, Chinese and Russian).

Contribution from CCEURO

Batumi, Georgia, 25th - 28th September 2012

More photos from CCEURO Meetings can be found here.

Contribution from CCFA

Video prepared for the Workshop on 50th Anniversary of Codex held in Bejing (China) on 16th March, back to back with 45th CCFA.

Contribution from CCLAC

Photos of CCLAC meeting.

Contribution from CCMAS

CCMAS Committee’s contribution to the 50th Anniversary of Codex.

Contribution from CCFO

During the 23rd Session of the Codex Committe for Fats and Oils that has been held last February in Malaysia, a video presentation celebrating Codex 50th Anniversary has been released and distributed. The Codex Secretariat is pleased to post this video on Codex Website and thank CCFO for their nice contribution.

Contribution from CCFICS

For the summary of the discussions on the future challenges of the CCFICS Committee and committee’s contribution to the 50th Anniversary of Codex, please click here.

Contribution from CCAFRICA

  • Note conceptuelle du forum (in French), by CCAFRICA Secretariat;
  • Codex Alimentarius: Yesterday… Today… Tomorrow… (in English), by Sanjay Dave, Chairperson Codex Alimentarius Commission;
  • Forum marquant le cinquantenaire de la Commission du Codex Alimentarius (in French), by Ing. MSc. Gaston ASSONTIA DJOUDJI;
  • Norme alimentaire, sécurité sanitaire des aliments: défis et enjeux pour l’Afrique (in French), by Jean Pierre IMELE, Vice Président de RHORTICAM;
  • Private Standards vs. Codex Standards in Food Production by the Private Sector (in English), by Bruno Olierhoek, Directeur Général de Nestlé Cameroun;
  • Les enjeux de l’adaptation de la formation universitaire aux impératifs de la sécurité sanitaire des aliments (in French, by Robert Ndjouenkeu, ENSAI, Université de Ngaoundéré.

Please find more photos from past CCAFRICA meetings in a ZIP file here.

Contribution from CCNEA

Some photos of the celebration of Codex 50th Anniversary during CCNEA7 Meeting.
Click on the image to view it full size.

Contribution from CCFH

CCFH Committee's contribution to the 50th Anniversary of Codex.

  • Through the Looking Glass – A Peek at the Future (in English, French and Spanish), by Gary R. Blumenthal, World Perspectives, Inc.;
  • Changing Public Health Issues in Codex (in English, French and Spanish), by Caroline Smith DeWaal, President, IACFO;
  • Evolution of effective participation in Codex by developing countries – The case of Africa (in English, French and Spanish), by John Oppong-Otoo;
  • Changing Trends in Food & Feed Trade (in English, French and Spanish), by Darci Vetter.

Contribution from NASWP

NASWP challenges and achievements contribution to the 50th Anniversary of Codex.

Please click on the image or here.

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