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Comité FAO/OMS de coordination pour l'Asie (CCASIA)

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Numéro d'identification FAO/OMS CX-727
Acronyme CCASIA
Cote du document CX/ASIA
Nom Comité FAO/OMS de coordination pour l'Asie
Mandat a) Définir les problèmes et les besoins de la région en ce qui concerne les normes alimentaires et le contrôle des aliments ; b) encourager au sein du Comité les contacts en vue de l'échange réciproque de renseignements sur les initiatives proposées en matière de réglementation et les problèmes liés au contrôle des aliments et favoriser le renforcement des infrastructures de contrôle alimentaire ; c) recommander à la Commission d'élaborer des normes mondiales pour des produits intéressant la région, y compris les produits qui, de l'avis du Comité, auront à l'avenir des débouchés internationaux potentiels ; d) élaborer des normes régionales pour des produits alimentaires entrant exclusivement ou presque dans le commerce intra-régional ; e) appeler l'attention de la Commission sur les aspects de ses travaux qui présentent une importance particulière pour la région ; f) favoriser la coordination de toutes les activités de normalisation alimentaire entreprises par des organisations internationales, gouvernementales et non gouvernementales dans la région ; g) exercer des fonctions générales de coordination pour la région et s'acquitter de toute autre tâche que peut lui confier la Commission ; h) favoriser l'acceptation par les pays des normes Codex et limites maximales pour les résidus.
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Summary Report of the 19th Session of the FAO/WHO Coordinating Committee for Asia (CCASIA19)
(Tokyo, Japan, 3-7 November 2014)

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(1) Title: CX 727-19, FAO/WHO Coordinating Committee for Asia (CCASIA); 19th Session; Tokyo, Japan, 3-7 November 2014.

(2) Contact Person: A. Bruno, AGDC, Room C-284, ext. 56254; T. Yano, AGDC, Room C- 270, ext. 55868; K. Kang, AGDC, Room C-272, ext. 54796

(3) Objectives: Within the framework of the Joint FAO/WHO Food Standards Programme, the purpose of the meeting was to consider:

    (a) Matters arising from the Codex Alimentarius Commission and other Codex Committees;
    (b) FAO/WHO activities relevant to the region, identifying priorities and capacity development needs;
    (c) Revitalisation of FAO/WHO Coordinating Committees - proposals on strengthening the role and platform of RCCs;
    (d) National food control systems and consumer participation in food standard setting and use of Codex standards at national and regional level;
    (e) Regional Standards for Non-Fermented Soybean Products and for Laver Products and regional Code of Hygienic Practices for Street-Vended Foods;
    (f) Strategic Plan for the CCASIA (Status of implementation of the Strategic Plan 2009-2014 and draft new Strategic Plan 2015-2020);
    (g) Codex issues relevant to the region;
    (h) Discussion paper on Edible Crickets and Their Products and other proposals for new work; and
    (i) Nomination of the Coordinator.

(4) Attendance: Delegates representing 21 member countries, four observer members from outside the region, six observer organizations and representatives from FAO and WHO.

(5) Programme Results: The Coordinating Committee:
    (a) Noted matters arising from the Codex Alimentarius Commission; forwarded to CAC38: amendments to the regional Standard for Tempe for adoption and replies concerning the implementation of relevant activities of the Codex Strategic Plan 2014-2019;
    (b) Noted activities of FAO and WHO on capacity building, provision of scientific advice and Codex Trust Fund and its successor initiative;
    (c) Agreed on the need for revitalisation of RCCs and provided comments on several proposals for the revitalisation of RCCs;
    (d) Noted information submitted by several countries on food control systems, participation in food standards setting and the use of Codex standards at the national level;
    (e) Forwarded the regional Standard for Non-Fermented Soybean Products to CAC38 for adoption and returned the Standard for Laver Products and the Code of Hygienic Practices for Street-Vended Foods for redrafting and consideration at its next session;
    (f) Noted the status of implementation of the current Strategic Plan for CCASIA and agreed that the global Strategic Plan 2014-2019 provided adequate guidance to CCASIA and that the regional Strategic Plan for the CCASIA 2015-2020 was no longer necessary;
    (g) Considered several matters of interest to the region including: contamination from food contact/packaging materials and health claims for food supplements;
    (h) Agreed to discontinue consideration of the discussion paper on Edible Crickets and Their Products; to consider revised discussion papers on the development of regional standards for Makgeolli and for Natto at future sessions; to discontinue consideration on new work on Samgyetang; and to recommend interested members to propose work on dried longan within the framework of the CCPFV work on dry/ dried produce;
    (i) Unanimously agreed to recommend to CAC38 that India be appointed as Coordinator for Asia.

(6) Follow-Up: The report will be issued as REP15/ASIA. The usual AGDC follow-up action will be taken.

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