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Summary Report of the 19th Session of the FAO/WHO Coordinating Committee for Asia (CCASIA19)
(Tokyo, Japan, 3-7 November 2014)

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(1) Title: CX 727-19, FAO/WHO Coordinating Committee for Asia (CCASIA); 19th Session; Tokyo, Japan, 3-7 November 2014.

(2) Contact Person: A. Bruno, AGDC, Room C-284, ext. 56254; T. Yano, AGDC, Room C- 270, ext. 55868; K. Kang, AGDC, Room C-272, ext. 54796

(3) Objectives: Within the framework of the Joint FAO/WHO Food Standards Programme, the purpose of the meeting was to consider:

    (a) Matters arising from the Codex Alimentarius Commission and other Codex Committees;
    (b) FAO/WHO activities relevant to the region, identifying priorities and capacity development needs;
    (c) Revitalisation of FAO/WHO Coordinating Committees - proposals on strengthening the role and platform of RCCs;
    (d) National food control systems and consumer participation in food standard setting and use of Codex standards at national and regional level;
    (e) Regional Standards for Non-Fermented Soybean Products and for Laver Products and regional Code of Hygienic Practices for Street-Vended Foods;
    (f) Strategic Plan for the CCASIA (Status of implementation of the Strategic Plan 2009-2014 and draft new Strategic Plan 2015-2020);
    (g) Codex issues relevant to the region;
    (h) Discussion paper on Edible Crickets and Their Products and other proposals for new work; and
    (i) Nomination of the Coordinator.

(4) Attendance: Delegates representing 21 member countries, four observer members from outside the region, six observer organizations and representatives from FAO and WHO.

(5) Programme Results: The Coordinating Committee:
    (a) Noted matters arising from the Codex Alimentarius Commission; forwarded to CAC38: amendments to the regional Standard for Tempe for adoption and replies concerning the implementation of relevant activities of the Codex Strategic Plan 2014-2019;
    (b) Noted activities of FAO and WHO on capacity building, provision of scientific advice and Codex Trust Fund and its successor initiative;
    (c) Agreed on the need for revitalisation of RCCs and provided comments on several proposals for the revitalisation of RCCs;
    (d) Noted information submitted by several countries on food control systems, participation in food standards setting and the use of Codex standards at the national level;
    (e) Forwarded the regional Standard for Non-Fermented Soybean Products to CAC38 for adoption and returned the Standard for Laver Products and the Code of Hygienic Practices for Street-Vended Foods for redrafting and consideration at its next session;
    (f) Noted the status of implementation of the current Strategic Plan for CCASIA and agreed that the global Strategic Plan 2014-2019 provided adequate guidance to CCASIA and that the regional Strategic Plan for the CCASIA 2015-2020 was no longer necessary;
    (g) Considered several matters of interest to the region including: contamination from food contact/packaging materials and health claims for food supplements;
    (h) Agreed to discontinue consideration of the discussion paper on Edible Crickets and Their Products; to consider revised discussion papers on the development of regional standards for Makgeolli and for Natto at future sessions; to discontinue consideration on new work on Samgyetang; and to recommend interested members to propose work on dried longan within the framework of the CCPFV work on dry/ dried produce;
    (i) Unanimously agreed to recommend to CAC38 that India be appointed as Coordinator for Asia.

(6) Follow-Up: The report will be issued as REP15/ASIA. The usual AGDC follow-up action will be taken.

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