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Actualizada el: 05-10-2015
24th Edition of Codex Procedural Manual published
16 Nov 2015 - 
The Procedural Manual of the Codex Alimentarius Commission describes the legal foundations and practical functioning  [...]
Outcome of 34th Codex Fish Committee meeting
9 Nov 2015 - 
The Codex Committee on Fish and Fishery Products (CCFFP) was established in 1966 to elaborate  [...]
Codex attending OIE Animal Production Food Safety Working Group
4 Nov 2015 - 
The Codex Secretariat is currently attending the 15th meeting of the Animal Production Food Safety  [...]
Codex filming in Lebanon
1 Nov 2015 - 
A camera crew from Flooded Cellar are currently in Lebanon making a video for Codex  [...]
South Sudan becomes 187th Codex Member
26 Oct 2015 - 
The 16th of October (or "World Food Day") is a well known date in FAO  [...]