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Actualizada el: 31-05-2015
Working in Codex
19 Jun 2015 - 
Food Standards officers are recruited globally and come from a  variety of technical backgrounds. This  [...]
Near East Committee guiding strategy and regional standards
12 Jun 2015 - 
The Eighth session of the FAO/WHO Coordinating Committee for the Near East (CCNEA) took place  [...]
Codex Chairs Past and Present
9 Jun 2015 - 
Present and former Chairpersons of the Codex Alimentarius have been in the news recently. Awilo Ochieng  [...]
Strengthening Codex in the Near East
2 Jun 2015 - 
The Eighth session of the Joint FAO/WHO Food Standards Programme FAO/WHO Coordinating Committee For the Near East is  [...]
We need common international safety standards for food.
27 May 2015 - 
Dr Kazuaki Miyagishima WHO Director, Department of Food Safety and Zoonoses and former Codex Secretary,  [...]